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Have you ever wondered what other people think about all these varying subjects and topics? Of course many newspapers and associated websites have opinion polling tools. However, we thought that it would be good to really be random about topics and easy-going about people’s opinions in a way that is not serious.

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<p>Mohammad Shami (born 9 March 1990) is an Indian international cricketer who represents Bengal in domestic cricket. He is a right-arm fast-medium swing and seam bowler, who bowls consistently around the 85 mph (140km/h) mark, which makes him a deceptively potent fast bowler. He is also known as a reverse swing specialist. He made his ODI debut against Pakistan in January 2013 where he bowled a record four maiden overs. He picked a five-wicket haul on his Test debut against West Indies in November 2013.</p><p>On 9 March 2018, a First Information Report (FIR) was lodged against Shami and his family members by his wife citing domestic violence. Further, Shami was charged for attempted murder and rape which was claimed by his wife, Hasin Jahan. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) withheld Shami from their national contracts list as a result of the allegations.<br></p>

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An Idea just came, " Can I vote for someone who is not from my country" in a entertaining way keeping freedom of expression, and then that idea progressed in making this website. Hope you all will have fun the way we do voting on careers for different celebrities all across.

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We would like to gamefy voting, and make it fun and entertaining. Hence, Vote Like or Dislike is a fun voting site in which you are free to vote for topics of your choice, organised as campgains. After each campaign period, you will be able to come back and view the results of the votes.

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Will you be with the majority, or the minority? It doesn’t matter, it is not serious, but at least you will know what majority of the voters think.


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